Product Update. July 2018

Product Update. July 2018

Once again the development team at MediRecords has been busy releasing a number of enhancements that will improve the overall experience for clinical and administration staff alike:

Billing Enhancements:

Creating invoices for anaesthetic, diagnostic and oncology services has never been easier with new tools available from the Invoice window. Easily apply complex billing rules with the click of a button.

Referral Management:

Record a referrals ‘First Used Date’ and an Improved workflow for creating, filtering and managing referrals and contacts. Create new referrals and referral contacts from appointments, invoices and patient records

Today’s Notes enhancement:

All your clinical activities are now captured by default and added into your consultation notes. This includes New letters and investigation requests and each will include a quick link to the document or request

Actions hoverstate:

Wherever you see an open padlock, hover over it to quickly view who created and updated that activity or document and when

Appointments hoverstate:

You can now hover over an existing appointment to reveal who created or updated an appointment and when

What's Coming!

  • 2 way SMS: Patients will now be able to confirm or cancel an appointment in response to their SMS appointment reminder
  • XXX: A new and an exciting new clinical window to quickly view the full patient clinical record within the today’s notes screen
  • Head Of Family Improvements: Run medicare validity checks on a patients head of family direct from a new invoice
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcut navigation through MediRecords, in addition to quick key shortcuts for notes
  • Letter writer improvements: Broader range of mail-merge fields to cater for more scenarios. This will also allow copy and paste from Microsoft word documents

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