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Coronavirus clinical coding concepts now available in MediRecords

The National Terminology Service and Australian Digital Health Agency have released an out-of-cycle release of SNOMED CT®‑AU to include additional Coronavirus terms. The new concepts included are: 840539006 |Disease caused by 2019 novel coronavirus (disorder) 840534001 |2019 novel coronavirus vaccination (procedure) 840544004 |Suspected disease caused by 2019 novel coronavirus (situation) 840536004 |Antigen of 2019 novel coronavirus (substance) 840535000 |Antibody to 2019 novel coronavirus (substance) 840533007 |2019 novel coronavirus (organism) 840546002 |Exposure to 2019 novel coronavirus (event) MediRecords has been updated to include this latest release. This means that Coronavirus terms are now available as a reason for visit, as a diagnosis and reason for script. For more information regarding this release click here.

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