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MediRecords allows you to grow and scale your practice and users without worrying about the ‘How’.
Benefit from a technology that offers the operational agility and flexibility that you need for your future digital strategy.

Increased collaboration

As MediRecords is cloud-based we provide dispersed teams of people the ability to work together easily and efficiently.
Staff can make real-time updates to the PMS and Patient Record, see what other team members are doing and communicate effectively.
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Capital-expenditure Free

Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of server hardware required with traditional PMS providers. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow.
Add to that the ease of instant setup and configuration and you can significantly reduce large capital outlays for new or growing healthcare businesses.


With SaaS solutions like MediRecords, all you need is a web browser and internet access, and you’re ready to go.
Traditional software can take weeks or even months to deploy, costing you additional time, effort and money. With MediRecords you can begin treating patients sooner.

Work from anywhere

Cloud computing gives you and your teams mobility and access to their work wherever they are. That cliche ‘access anywhere and anytime’ is true!
Staff often desire or require flexibility in their schedules and work environment. Businesses that operate on the cloud can provide staff with options to work flexibly from anywhere, which keeps everyone happy and productive.

Environmentally friendly

Cloud technologies scale up and down to meet the needs of your business. This means you only use the energy you need, unlike with a traditional on-premise server solution.
Your oversized carbon footprint caused by running equipment 24/7 at full capacity can be a thing of the past. It’s easier on the environment, and easier on your wallet too!

Premium Support

Our friendly support team can guide you through any situation, big or small, across your standard hours of operation.
Available from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday AEST and 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday during daylight savings time you can contact the team via phone, email or chat!

Think a cloud-based solution may be right for your practice?

Product Benefits


Moving to the cloud provides enterprise-class technology, for everyone. Small outfits can now run with the big players while remaining lean and nimble.

Automatic Innovation

Benefit from active product roadmaps and innovation without having to upgrade your systems - with the cloud it's done by us for you.

Technical Benefits

Unlimited Storage

No restriction on the storage of healthcare related information, with the ability to grow and scale as your data requirements increase.

Business Continuity

Having your data stored in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location, minimising any downtime and loss of productivity.


MediRecords offers a fast growing marketplace of third party applications to easily and securely extend the utility of your IT systems.


Access Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) best of breed world class security services, including detection, prevention, monitoring and access controls.

Integration Partners

MediRecords are partnered with the best vendors in the market to connect your practice with the broader health ecosystem.
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Integration Partners

MediRecords are partnered with the best vendors in the market to connect your practice with the broader health ecosystem.
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